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Whether you own your own game or run a community server with special files, keeping your players up-to-date with the latest releases is important. Players can sometimes go long stretches of time without updating their games, and sometimes players can not play their games because they are broken with a fix only a website away.

Angmon Updater is your solution for most indie games or community servers. Our system allows you to deploy patches fast and easy on our fairly customizable updater. Simply package new updated files in a standard rar archive and upload it to your webserver.

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Building a game and releasing it to find out there was a bug or glitch is never fun. You work on a fix and hours later you post it on your website to find out people are not seeing it. Maybe you post some exciting news on your blog, but no one is reading it. Well, with Angmon Updater you can keep your fans updated with the new fix, or let them know what exciting things are happening with you and your team!

We have all been a fan of a game only to watch it fail due to a bad launch and hard to get patches. Now you and your game can be ahead of the game, by talking to your fans every time they load up!

Cool Features

Load news and other content from the web!
Two progress bars to show the current patch and the overall progress!
Launch .exe and .jar files right after updating completes!
Compress your updates into rar format for faster downloading!
Customize the theme to match your game!
We will not show any ads, but you can!

Web Hosting Required

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